Mt Worthington of the Olympic Range

Mt Worthington stands 6938′ (2115 m) tall.

A saddle ridge at 6100′ connects Mt Worthington to Hawk Peak which reaches 6545′ (1995 m)

Mount Worthington was named for the William J. Worthington family, pioneers in the town of Quilcene. In 1886 Will Worthington began selling groceries and provisions from a sloop on Hood Canal, and in 1890 moved his business to a store in Quilcene that he built with his brother, Edgar K. Worthington. When they sold the store in 1906 they began to invest in timberland and logging ventures, eventually owning 10,000 acres of timberland in the Quilcene vicinity.

Will’s large family of 8 children all had a keen interest in hiking in the Olympic Mountains and took regular backpacking trips from 1910 onwards. Four of the brothers hiked well into their 70s and made a trip up Mt. Worthington in 1975 led by a friend, business associate, and expert mountaineer, Jack Christiansen

Jack was responsible for the former Copper Mountain being renamed Mount Worthington with the help of the Mountaineers.

— Ellen W. Jenner, 2012

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