William “WJ” Jenner Worthington (1863-1936)

WJ Worthington (1863-1936)

WJ Worthington (1863-1936)

WJ was the eldest son of William, Sr. and Ellen Jenner Worthington. WJ was always close to his brother, Edgar. Edgar made  frequent visits throughout his lifetime to WJ’s family home in Quilcene.

WJ and Ed were business partners all their lives in a variety of ventures. In the late 1880s WJ (also known as “Will”) operated a sloop on Hood Canal that sold groceries and provisions to the Indians and settlers in small communities along the shoreline.

In 1890 WJ moved his grocery business to the center of the town of Quilcene. Edgar became a partner in the business, and the brothers lived in a house behind the store.

In 1907 WJ sold the Quilcene grocery store and house to Edgar, who then sold it a year later to a relative, Burton E. Legg. For many years, the Worthington brothers invested in timberland and logging operations in Jefferson County and business property in Seattle.

WJ Worthington’s sons worked at Kenworth during their college years. WJ’s youngest son Kenneth T. Worthington (1909-2008) , was treasurer of Kenworth for many years, and retired from a successful career there in the late 1960s.

Obituary for William Jenner "WJ" Worthington

Obituary for William Jenner “WJ” Worthington

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