1917 Gerlinger

Gerlinger, Gersix, Kenworth Motor Company and PACCAR

Kenworth was officially established in 1923, named after the company’s two principle stockholders: Harry Kent and Edgar Worthington. However, neither was part of the company’s formal beginnings. In the beginning: The Gerlinger Motor Car Company Edgar Worthington and his mother, Ellen, had residences in both Seattle and Quilcene.  The early 1900s brought dramatic change to […]

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The W. P. Fuller Building, Tacoma WA. Owner: William Ferguson Architect: C. A. Darmer. "A building designed especially for the paint and glass business"

W.P. Fuller

Fuller Paint company distributed mirrors, paints, oils, window glass, brushes, varnishes, turpentine, glue, gold leaf, artists’ materials, throughout the western United States, and were pioneers in their product formulations and business efficacy. William Worthington, Sr. was in business with W.P. Fuller, who later established the Fuller Paint Company. A huge merger in 1868 made Whittier, […]

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