A rich history, preserved for the future – read more about the Worthington Mansion here.

The Hamilton and Worthington Families

Millard Fillmore Hamilton and Family

Millard Fillmore Hamilton came to Quilcene in the 1880s and built the French 2nd Empire 17-room Victorian home 1891-1892. WJ and Grace Worthington later bought the house and raised their family in it. The Worthington family retained ownership of the home until Eilleen Worthington’s passing in 2012. 

Acquisition of the Museum

Eilleen had a vision for her estate and took pride in the local history, as a charter member of the museum she arranged for the sale of her property to the museum.

“In working with the museum board to place the property in their care, I know this unique piece of history can be used as a learning environment; not only for our children, but the community in general. It is my belief that the museum will be good stewards of the land and use the facilities and grounds to enhance many new opportunities for our town.”
– Eilleen Worthington
Eilleen Worthington - Charter member of the Quilcene Historical Museum, and major donor

Evolution of the Mansion

Roof removal
Mansard Roof removed due to wind damage
Worthington Mansion Quilcene
Worthington House, pre-restoration

The mansion underwent a few changes through the years. The most prominent was losing the mansard roof in 1934 to rain and wind damage and replaced with a gabled roof. As part of the restoration efforts from the museum and volunteers, the house has undergone an extensive transformation to bring it back to its former glory.

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